Sustainability in last-mile logistics in the city

By Britta Gammelgaard, professor, Ph.d.
Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School

Below you find a webinar presentation in a PDF form titled Sustainability in last-mile logistics in the city (in Danish). The webinar can be found here. You can read the translated agenda below:

• Briefly about Britta
• Last-mile logistics – what does it have to do with MARLOG?
• Sustainable last-mile logistics in the cities: Many stakeholders, many goals!
• Innovation of the business model: Value co-creation
• A catalog
• Presentation for discussion: What is the maritime industry’s knowledge needs in the field?

(MARLOG is Denmark’s official cluster organisation for the maritime and logistics sectors, and works to promote Denmark as a sustainable and innovative leading maritime and logistics powerhouse. Source:

i-SMILE Project