Company Partners

Amedia Distribusjon

Amedia is a leading media company in Norway. They completed testing of 25 new LEFVs (Paxsters) in winter conditions (testing started in 2020) to deliver newspapers in a greener and more efficient manner. Within the pilot they identified and addressed challenges for drivers using the LEFVs as well as improved efficiency and route planning.

A to B Finland Oy

A2b is pioneering emission-free logistics service provider in Finland. They started in 2010 with two electric vehicles and have since then expanded to a fleet of 50 electric cars. A2B established a new cargobike hub. It was possible to operate the bikes almost throughout the winter, which has been a previous challenge.

Burd Delivery (BD)

Burd is Denmark’s new delivery service! We offer to deliver packages for webshops and others who must have sent packages to their customers.
Burd delivers in the evenings, offering same-day deliveries. If a customer orders a package before, for example, at 15, we make sure the package arrives the same evening. We deliver between 18 and 22. In cities we also deliver by bike.
At the same time, we have an information flow that lets customers know exactly when their packages arrive, so they do not have to waste their time sitting at home and waiting. Today we have a first-time delivery rate of around 98% and we go for the 100!


CoOrient has piloted various sharing economy business models. Liiteri: 24/7 accessible self-service P2P rental service of consumer appliances and goods, and delivery services. PiggyBaggy: ride sharing and social delivery service designed for sharing frequent and short distance car trips. Piloted in larger cities as well as rural areas in Finland. The plan is to integrate crowd-sourced service PiggyBaggy with Liiteri service in order to support urban neighbor assistance between Liiteri community members.

DBSchenker (Norway)

DB Schenker has scaled up their operation at Oslo City HUB where they perform last mile distribution with electric cargo bikes, electric vans and trucks. The upscaling consists of increased no of vehicles in use, as well as increase in amount of goods distributed by electric vehicle fleet. Improvement in processes for sorting goods at the terminal and hub is achieved.

DHL Express (Norway)

DHL Express Norway has invested in a new City Hub located at Filipstad Brygge in Oslo (central location). The terminal is built of recycled shipping containers and houses the company’s green vehicle fleet for distribution in central Oslo with 12 electrical routes. The location ensures easy downtown access for both pickup and delivery. Developed plan for using hub to test Paxsters and e-cargo bikes, as well as electric vans.

DHL Express (Sweden)

As the world’s leading logistics company, we feel it is our responsibility to set an example in our industry and be a sustainability leader – reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and setting the highest social and governance standards. Over the years, we have repeatedly redefined logistics, from introducing the industry’s first green product to becoming the first logistics company to commit to a zero-emissions target. But our impact will be even greater if we join forces with you. While leading the way, we have introduced innovative green logistics solutions to make your supply chains more sustainable and help you achieve your environmental targets. Therefore it is our clear goal and commitment to offer you the most comprehensive portfolio of green products and solutions in the industry.

DHL Express (Denmark)

We have a tremendous responsibility. Our business is an essential driver of global trade, economic growth, and individual prosperity, but our worldwide operations also have an impact on the environment. More than half a million people around the world rely on us for employment, while millions more depend on our services every day. We connect every corner of the globe, but we must also comply with a world of varying regulatory environments.

We take this responsibility seriously, which is why we’ve made sustainability a cornerstone of our Strategy 2025 – Delivering excellence in a digital world – and an essential element of our mission – Excellence. Simply delivered. With a clear strategy to guide us and a purpose to drive us, we are taking action today to make a lasting positive impact on tomorrow.


We are a pioneer in the food online store, domestic and independent of large players, which started operations in 2012 and is the 3rd largest food online store on the market. We are known for good customer satisfaction, flexible excellent customer service, a wide range of products and the lowest shipping rates on the market.

We offer food directly from small producers and manufacturers. We act rationally and offer our customers the opportunity for more responsible food trading. We always deliver fresh groceries to your door with rational delivery.

In rational delivery, we deliver a wide range of products from different suppliers directly to customers ’doorsteps at once – saving the customer time and money, producing less CO2 and using less energy than traditional trading.


Precision is key. By operating in double infrastructure, we are able to get as close to your customer as fast as possible. By streamlining the delivery flow, we push costs down giving you the possibility to cut the price at checkout and leave your customer with a feeling of satisfaction from making a sustainable choice. A classic win win. We look for potential and energy in every individual wearing our MOVEBYBiKE shirt. By doing so we keep every link of the chain alive, and most importantly we do not miss out on that one brilliant idea on how to optimize our work

PostNord (Denmark)

PostNord is a leading logistics service provider in the Nordics. PostNord Logistics has outsourced their distribution to external transport companies and sustainability was added to the agenda. A project plan has been developed in cooperation with employees. Their iSMILE project lead has been out on tours with the external transport companies (Gemba in “lean language”) to make observations and look into concrete challenges particularly in the city center of Copenhagen. Two external companies have asked their drivers to collect data on their tours which has been analyzed by PostNord. Analyses have been made and ideas for improvements presented. A list of the outcomes are about to be made.

Stara Helsinki

We operate on business principles and take into account the overall interests of the city. We are also a major employer through our extensive subcontracting network. Our operations are transparent to our owners, the people of Helsinki. Profitable, sustainably managed production enables both the development of services and social responsibility. We use environmental criteria as well as criteria for social responsibility and ethical production in our procurement.

Honesty, fairness and equality guide our operations. We take care of our staff and provide employment for released prisoners, as well as employing hundreds of summer and seasonal workers. We build a good living environment in dialogue with our stakeholders.

For its part, Stara strives to ensure that decision-making is transparent and that citizens have access to information. Stara’s final documents will be published online, the documents will be archived and the feedback of the citizens will be listened to carefully.

i-SMILE Project