Summary of the first i-SMILE workshop

The first i-SMILE workshop was successfully held online on 11th May 2021! The topic of this workshop was “The challenges of today for sustainable last mile deliveries in cities”. Participants included researchers (Hanken School of Economics, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute [VTI], Institute of Transport Economics [TOI], Copenhagen Business School), company representatives (DHL, […]


Sustainability in last-mile logistics in the city

By Britta Gammelgaard, professor, Ph.d.Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School Below you find a webinar presentation in a PDF form titled Sustainability in last-mile logistics in the city (in Danish). The webinar can be found here. You can read the translated agenda below: • Briefly about Britta• Last-mile logistics – what does it have […]

Project Reports

Sustainable business model innovation in last mile logistics

Recent project report by Kien Do Trung, Janette Kotivirta, Viggo Norrel, and Britta Gammelgaard Below you find a comprehensive report in a PDF form titled Sustainable Model Innovation in Last Mile Logistics. You can read the abstract below: ”This comprehensive report investigates business model innovations in the logistics service industry. The strong growth in e-commerce […]